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Mum2Mum PLUS - Super-Sized Feeding Apron

by Mum2Mum

Mum2Mum PLUS Back Opening Feeding Apron

Our back opening Super-Sized Feeding Apron from Mum 2 Mum's PLUS range keeps clothes clean & dry while protecting against skin irritations.

These bibs have been adapted to cater to the specific needs of youths and adults with special needs. The Mum 2 Mum PLUS products are functional, quality clothing protectors and bandana dribble bibs designed to make life easier for parents and caregivers everywhere. 

Made from 100% cotton towelling with a nylon water resistant backing, they are highly absorbent, minimising stains and long lasting.  The 3 poppers allow for varying neck sizes and suitable for children who don't like to feel restricted by their bibs and feature a dome closure to fit a large range of neck sizes.

    1. 100% cotton super absorbent towelling 
    2. Holds 1/4 cup of liquid
    3. Stain resistant
    4. Extra internal waterproof layer
    5. Adjustable to fit a large range of neck sizes
    6. Available in 9 colours
    1. Machine washable
    2. Dryer safe
    1. Length (from chin): 62cm
    2. Total Length: 82cm
    3. Width (lower): 44cm
    4. Width (upper: 36cm 
    5. Smallest Neckline Size: 38cm (approx.)
    6. Age guideline: 16yrs +