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VAT Exemption for UK residents

VAT Information

As a supplier of specialist clothing and accessories for children and young adults with special needs, some of our products are subject to VAT.

However, the UK government allows our products to be eligible for VAT relief for people who are considered chronically sick or disabled in the UK.

Which products are eligible for VAT relief?

The UK government clearly outlines the rules for VAT exemption that we can apply when certain conditions are met.  These are:

  • you declare that you (or the person for whom you are purchasing the products on behalf of) are chronically sick or disabled
  • the products you are purchasing are eligible to be supplied at a zero rate of VAT
  • the products you are purchasing are being supplied to you (or the person for whom you are purchasing the products on behalf of) for domestic or personal use only

Who is eligible?

For full details on VAT exemptions and to see if you qualify can be found on the HMRC website - Notice 701-7 VAT relief for disabled people - or call HMRC's advice line on 0300 200 3700. 

Ordering online:-

If you set up a Customer Account with SpecialKids.Company with all the details required for VAT exemption, the VAT exemption will be calculated before you pay and the VAT will not have to be refunded after.

Alternatively, if you have already made a purchase and are eligible to claim please download a VAT form below or complete the form online.

SpecialKids.Company VAT Exemption Form - Online

SpecialKids.Company VAT Exemption Form - Printable

Ordering via telephone:-

When placing a telephone order you will be asked to declare that you or the person you are purchasing the item for are eligible for VAT relief.  You will be asked to give your full name and the medical condition of the person who qualifies for VAT relief.

Still unsure?

If you are unsure as to whether you are eligible for VAT exemption please contact us before placing an order and we will happily talk you through the process.

SpecialKids.Company is by law required to keep a record of all the customers who have qualified for VAT relief, their names, addresses and qualifying medical condition and present this information to HMRC if required.

Please note that it is an offence to falsely claim that you or the person you are buying for is eligible for VAT relief.