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Meet the Team

We are proud to introduce you to the team that make up SpecialKids.Company and are here to support you with all your product and garment needs.

Sasha Radwan, Founder

Sasha is the founder of Special Kids.Company. Drawing on her multicultural background and professional experience as an engineer in large global companies, she has turned her passion into a rapidly growing company.

With the vision that 'children should be seen and not hidden', she spends her time building the business.

Contact number: +44 (0)7565 799 668
Email: Sasha@SpecialKids.Company

Victoria Smith, Administrator

Victoria is an integral part of the team, using her experience across several administrative roles in varying sectors she has contributed to significant changes to procedures.

She spends her evenings either catching up with a good series with her sons or in her summerhouse with her husband enjoying a glass of wine.

Contact number: +44 (0) 121 354 6543
Email: Admin@SpecialKids.Company

Ellie Gallagher, Customer Service Representative

Ellie joins us as the team's Customer Service Representative, she is here to help with any queries about our products and deliveries and loves to go above and beyond for her customers.

She enjoys fitness as well as spending time at home with her family and two cats Rocky & Lily.

Contact number: +44 (0) 121 354 6543
Email: Enquiries@SpecialKids.Company


Ashleigh Richardson, Digital Content, Website & Social Media Officer

As part of Ashleigh's role she maintains the company's online presence as well as the website. She enjoys the creative side of her work whilst also keeping herself organised.

In her spare time, she spends time with her family, including her 2 young children and when the kids are down she is either wrapped up watching a good thriller or attempting to start a new book.

Email: TechSupport@SpecialKids.Company

Rita Mikalauskaite, Operations Officer

Rita loves to excel in her role as Operations Officer with a focus on achieving efficiency in operations within the company, in other words, she makes sure that everything is running ship shape.

When she is not analysing data, Rita enjoys spending time outdoors or getting stuck into a good book.

Email: Operations@SpecialKids.Company

Emily Chan, Import Merchandiser

Emily is our Import Merchandiser who analyses sales figures and forecasts replenishment levels to keep our inventory well-stocked. Her love for shopping translates into her work, as she carefully selects and places orders for the latest products.

In her free time, Emily enjoys watching movies and spending time with her family.

Email: Merchandiser@SpecialKids.Company

Sana Shabbir, Digital Marketing Consultant

Sana comes from a varied digital marketing background and has extensive experience making her an extremely valued member of our team.

Family gatherings are big in Sana's family but when she has time to herself she enjoys a good walk in the outdoors (but not camping!).

Email: Marketing@SpecialKids.Company

Rebecca Sharrock, Guest Blogger

Rebecca is an avid blogger, writer and presenter based in Australia. We are delighted to have her as a member of the team, sharing what it's like to have autism, OCD and the unique and rare HSAM (Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory) through her regular blogs.

Email address: Blogs@SpecialKids.Company