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Fidgetbum is a sleep aid for children with stress, sensory and sleep issues which is recommended by Occupational Therapists. It helps to keep covers on your child at bedtime and can be hidden discreetly under the covers.

This sleeping aid is particularly good for parents of children with autism have long been searching for something to help their children sleep normally. Fidgetbum has been highly recommended by professionals as an effective sleeping aid in making sleeping patterns less erratic meaning special needs children will wake up well rested.

The Fidgetbum is lightweight and easy to travel with, the material is machine washable and It can be hidden discreetly under the duvet when not in use. At SpecialKids.Comapny we have a variety of sleeping aids for children with special needs, why not browse our range of special needs bedding, washable bed pads and kylie sheets.
  • Fidgetbum_4_way_stretch_sleep_aid_bedding_with_safety_zip_for_special_needs_children_toddler_single_bed

    Fidgetbum Luxury 4 Way Stretch Sleep Aid Bedding

    from $85.00
    1 color available

     Designed to stop your child from falling out of bed or losing the covers, Fidgetbum is made from comfy, cosy, 4-way stretchy cotton fabric. With a...

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