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KayCey® FAQs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions. If there is anything you're unsure about please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Would I need a popper vest or a zip back?

KayCey® Zip Backs provide discreet protection and a layer of warmth for your child while also giving you easy access for changing nappies. With complete coverage that can only be removed by a parent/carer, this makes the perfect garment for any occasion and a life-saver particularly for those with un-dressing habits. For practicality, we would suggest that the popper vest would be ideal during the day as it is easily accessible by the parent or carer for the changing of outfits or nappies.

Which materials do the bodysuits consist of?

The fabric of the KayCey® garment is AZO free and consists of 95% cotton and 5% elastane. The fabric is gentle to the touch and tag-free, allowing your child freedom to participate in daily activities without irritation or discomfort and minimises any sensory issues.

How are KayCey® popper vests different to regular bodysuits?

KayCey® popper vest is designed with a longer leg and reinforced crotch area giving your child extra protection and coverage. We have incorporated five extra durable press studs to keep wandering hands away from pants or nappies, preventing unwanted poo/faecal smearing. Its topstitched seams minimize the curling of the garment openings and maintaining comfort when used with braces and prevents ‘wedgies’ when lifting a child in and out of a wheelchair.

Are the bodysuits only available in one style?

KayCey® garments come in a variety of styles colours suitable for boys and girls namely grey, white, navy, sky blue and pink. Perfect for every little girl’s dress sense and every little boy’s inner super hero.

Are popper vests an under-garment?

The great thing about KayCey® vests is its multi-functionality. They can be used as a warm layer under clothes in winter or as a t-shirt in summer paired with skirt or shorts/trousers. However, you want to dress your child, the KayCey garment can meet most requirements of a child’s daily activities.

Can tube access be added to all KayCey garments?

Currently we have a few styles of KayCey garments with tube access but yes with our zipback range we do offer the option to have tube access added to the garment at an additional cost, please see the individual listings. Please note that these bespoke requests once placed will be non-returnable and non-refundable.