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Special Needs Bibs & Aprons

Our​ Specialist Bib and Apron Range

Special Kids.Company’s​ ​offer a range bib, aprons and tabards for children with special needs.  All of the bibs and aprons in our range have been designed for the unique needs of every child.  The materials offer comfort and are suitable for children with autism, down's syndrome and other specialise requirements. We also understand that every child has their own individual style and we have options to suit all tastes.

Our special needs bandana bibs, waterproof bibs and aprons/tabards are available in a variety of sizes and are perfect accessories for use indoors and outdoors.

How Can a Bib or Apron Help a Child With Special Needs?

A bib or apron will help protect your child's clothes from drooling, any dribbling difficulties and from food spillages.  Because of this, the bibs and aprons available are all waterproof.  Because of their functionality, bibs, aprons and tabards have been specifically designed to make life easier for the child, parents and caregivers everywhere.

As there are lots of styles and colours available, our special needs bibs have been designed to fit the individual tastes of the style. Every child has their own everyday look and clothing they like to wear so you will need to find the right bib to match that.  The range of styles is also important for complementing school uniforms and their own various colours and requirements.

A bib or tabard can be of amazing help to a child with special needs.  Knowing the bib is there to protect them, this will help with their social skills. Giving them more time to enjoy themselves and not worry about any liquids ruining their favourite clothes.

How to Pick the Right Bib For Apron For Your Child

Every child has different requirements so it can be tricky selecting the right accessory for your child.  Our list of available styles of bibs break down how each can be used so you can select the right bib.

Bandana Bibs

Bandana dribble bibs are designed to absorb as much dribble as possible whilst being a nifty little accessory.  Our range includes options for young children as well as older children and adults. The Mum2Mum Plus Special Needs Youth Dribble Bibs/Bandanas are recommended for children 5 to 15 years and are adjustable so they can fit a large range of neck sizes.  Its extra internal waterproof layer also offers that extra bit of protection.  For older children and adults, we recommend our KayCey® Fleece Lined Cotton Bibs as they are practical as well as stylish.  Not only do they look good but they are super absorbent which ensures you a reassuring super absorbent bib.

Waterproof Neckerchief

A waterproof neckerchief is absolutely perfect for teenagers and adults due to their subtle and dignified look.  Care Designs Waterproof Neckerchief absorb liquids instantly and are 100% waterproof.  The scarf-like look is stylish be ensures clothes are well protected.  Neckerchiefs also have a long life which is of great value for our customers.

Tabard Bibs

Tabard style bibs are suitable for children of all ages and also for young adults.  We recommend the Care Designs Tabard Bibs due to their modern and dignified design and long lasting materials.  Tabards stay clean and retain their smart look longer than a traditional bib.  Great durability for a great price to you.  If you select the medium sized tabard, this will reach the lap comfortably, ensuring full protection for messy eaters.

Feeding Aprons

For an accessory with use only during meal times, a feeding apron is the perfect option.  Bibs such as the Mum2Mum Open Feeding Apron have been designed to make life easier for parents and caregivers.  Three (3) poppers ensure that varying neck sizes are available for children who want to feel comfortable in their bib. A super sized feeding apron is also available for those requiring a larger neck size.  These functional, quality clothing protectors are highly absorbent and are great for all ages.

Browse our full range of aprons and bibs to find the perfect clothing protector for your child.  For more information on our bibs & aprons for children with special needs, don't hesitate to contact us.