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Muggi Tray - Recycled Stable Mug & Cup Holder

by Muggi

Manufactured in the UK from 100% recycled material, Muggi trays hold mugs, glasses or cups in four precision moulded slots. They are designed to catch all unwanted spillages, and features non-slip rubber feet plus finger and thumb-holds - making it easy to carry for young or older hands. It is great for those that may have an unsteady grip and perfect for the less abled or wheelchair users who want the independence to carry drinks or use as a lap tray.

    1. Ergonomic design - Holds up to four mugs or cups of most sizes
    2. Stackable and simple to store
    3. Non-absorbent and easy to clean
    4. Non-slip rubber feet (perfect for unstable surfaces or wheelchair tables)
    5. Made from 100% recycled material!
    6. Thumb grips for one-handed drinks carrying
    7. A easy to use cup carrier, particularly for older people or the disabled
    8. A great looking and safe replacement for drinks tray!
    9. Muggi is made from tough and lightweight plastic and is guaranteed for life!
    1. Dishwasher safe
    2. Easily wipes clean with a damp cloth