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Friendly Shoes Voyage (Womens) - Navy Peach


The Voyage shoe has out-of-the-box comfort we can’t get enough of. With a striking low-profile silhouette, cushioned interior and a side zip that opens the length and width of the shoe so you can easily get it on and off, these lightweight trainers are a must-have.

Available in UK shoe sizes 3-8 (Womens)

    1. Hassle-free on-and-off. Our patented Easy Shoe Access creates larger entry portals and is easier to pull than straight, lateral or wrap-around zippers.
    2. Wide-expanding upper and generous toe-box depth. Great for accommodating wider feet, swelling, orthotics and AFOs.
    3. Padded heel collar. Helps to stabilize your feet and feels great.
    4. Removable memory foam insoles. Looking for extra cushion? Keep these in as they absorb shock and provide comfort. You can also fit a heel raise under them, or remove and replace with custom orthotics if you want to.
    5. Anti-slip outsoles. For increased stability on slick surfaces.
    6. Ideal for adults with special needs or mobility problems
    1. Upper: 50% Mesh, 25% PU, 20% TPU
    2. Inner: 100% Lycra
    3. Outsole: 85% EVA, 15% Rubber
    4. Laces: Cotton-blend
    5. Removeable memory foam inserts.
    1. Simply wipe clean
    1. Full-Size Chart of Friendly Shoes Range