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Fidgetbum Luxury 4 Way Stretch Sleep Aid Bedding

Color: Cream

 Designed to stop your child from falling out of bed or losing the covers, Fidgetbum is made from comfy, cosy, 4-way stretchy cotton fabric. With a chunky zip at either end, it is designed to stretch snuggly around either a single or toddler bed mattress. Fidgetbum is great for children with sensory needs who crave for that extra snugness when alternative to weighted blankets and giving you and your child a peaceful night of sleep. When not in use, the ends of the Fidgetbum can be hidden discreetly under the covers. 

Available in toddler, single, single-long, double and kingsize

    1. Keeps your child safe and secure
    2. 4 way stretch allows for movement
    3. Easy to fit
    4. Child friendly zip
    1. Machine Washable with like colours
    1. The stretchy nature of the Fidgetbum cover allows for slight variances around the following figures, however, please check bed/mattress sizes before making a purchase.

      To Fit Bed Size To Fit Mattress Size Length of Fidgetbum (Down the Bed) Overall Fidgetbum Size
      Toddler 70cm wide x 10cm deep 100cm 160cm wide x 100cm long
      Single 90cm wide x 15cm deep 100cm 213cm wide x 100cm long
      Single Long 90cm wide x 15cm deep 150cm 213cm wide x 150cm long
      Double 135cm wide x 15cm deep 150cm 313cm wide x 150cm long
      Kingsize 150cm wide x 15cm deep 150cm 334cm wide x 150cm long