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Ecoegg - Tumble Dryer Eggs

by Ecoegg

 Available in beautiful Spring Blossom or Fresh Linen fragrance and Fragrance-free. Two Tumble Eggs in a pack.

Remember to stock up on refills too!

Ecoegg Tumble Dryer Eggs - Save money every time you tumble dry! 

These clever eggs replace tumble dryer sheets and reduce the drying time too!

    1. Save money every time you tumble dry! 
    2. Reduce drying time by up to 28%
    3. Fragrance your laundry
    4. Soften your clothes
    5. Save money, time and energy every time you use your tumble dryer
    6. Replaceable fragrance stick refills
    7. 100% Hypoallergenic and vegan - recommend the fragrance-free for the most sensitive skin
    1. Alcohols, C>14
    2. ethene homopolymer
    3. glycerol monostearate
    4. fumed silica
    5. perfume (fragranced products)
    1. Spring Blossom
    2. Fresh Linen
    3. Fragrance Free
    1. We recommend placing your pellets into your general waste bin once you have used them. Although the ingredients are biodegradable and do not contain any harmful chemicals, we have not tested the effect on wildlife and plants, so cannot recommend putting the pellets in your compost. The pellet bags are not recyclable as they are made from a mix of materials.