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Billy Footwear (Womens) - High Top Linen Shoes Grey

Color: Grey


Billy High Top Linen Shoes are ideally suited to women with special needs or mobility problems as they're modern, comfortable, and very easy to put on and to take off!

Billy Footwear is highly adaptable as the range of shoes features a unique design point known as FlipTop Technology. This functional type of shoe incorporates a wrap-around zipper closure that runs along the outside of the shoe and around the toe - with the zipper fully open, adults can step in and out of their shoes with speed and ease - simply Flip, Zip and Go!

These classic high top zipper shoes are great for everyday use as they are made to last. They feature flexible outsoles and removable cushioned footbed inserts for additional comfort and support.

Available in UK adult women's shoe sizes 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8.

    1. FlipTop Technology with a wrap-around zipper closure
    2. Simply Flip, Zip and Go - quick and simple to put on and to take off!
    3. Strong, flexible and comfortable - ideal for everyday use
    4. Interchangeable cushioned footbed inserts
    5. Modern natural finish
    6. Highly functional and adaptive footwear
    7. Ideal for women with special needs or mobility problems
    1. Upper: Linen
    2. Inner: Canvas
    3. Outsole: Rubber
    4. Laces: Cotton-blend
    1. Simply wipe clean
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