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Washable Bed Pads And Kylie Sheets

Shop our range washable and reusable absorbent bed pads also known as “Kylie® sheets” which are specifically designed to assist in the management of incontinence. These bed pads incorporate a stay-dry surface layer and an absorbent layer for maximum comfort for your child at bedtime.

Our other special needs sleeping aids include the Fidgetbum sheets perfect for a child with sensory issues which are designed to stop your child falling out of bed or losing the covers, helping to avoid restless nights and your child waking up throughout the night.

  • Kylie_bed_protection_sheets_bed_pad_absorbent_washable_incontinence_reusable_blue
    Capatex Care

    Kylie Bed Protection - Washable Bed Pads

    from $60.00
    2 colors available

    You might have heard the name before and wondered what is a Kylie® sheet?  Kylie® bed pads are washable bed pads that are placed on top of sheets, ...

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  • Fidgetbum_4_way_stretch_sleep_aid_bedding_with_safety_zip_for_special_needs_children_toddler_single_bed

    Fidgetbum Luxury 4 Way Stretch Sleep Aid Bedding

    from $85.00
    1 color available

     Designed to stop your child from falling out of bed or losing the covers, Fidgetbum is made from comfy, cosy, 4-way stretchy cotton fabric. With a...

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