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Affordable clothing for sensory issues

Affordable clothing for sensory issues

Lots of children with sensory issues can find clothing uncomfortable; from the texture and feel of the material to the smell, the colour and the seams. If your child is affected by sensory issues, you may wonder if sensory clothing is worth it and if it will help your child. Or perhaps you have tried it but are aware of how difficult it can be to find affordable sensory clothing. In this blog, SpecialKids.Company will let you know of the benefits of sensory clothing and where you can source affordable items that can help your child to feel comfortable in what they wear.

What Clothing Material is Best for Sensory Issues?

Sensory clothing can help your child to feel confident, comfortable and secure in what they are wearing. Imagine if the clothes that you wore felt itchy, stiff and constantly unpleasant. You wouldn’t want to wear them. Sensory clothing can make a huge difference to your child if they have sensory issues and can help to reduce stress and anxiety and essentially improve their quality of life.

SpecialKids.Company has been a sensory and autism-aware supplier of sensory-friendly clothing for many years and now mainstream stores are beginning to acknowledge the need and benefit of this. We are proud to have helped families overcome the challenges that sensory issues can cause. It could be as simple as removing labels and speaking to your child about what they feel uncomfortable in, however, many children with special needs find it difficult to communicate. If they are unable to communicate this to you, either verbally or through communication aids, we would recommend trying the following items.

Our Range of Sensory Clothing For Children With Autism & Sensory Issues

KayCey® Poppers Vests For Special Needs Children

There is a wide variety of KayCey® popper vests; sleeveless, short-sleeved, long-sleeved, polo shirt styles and garments with feeding tube access, catering for all needs. They come in various colours and are great for children who have sensory difficulties with clothing. This is because they are made from AZO-free, super soft cotton/elastane fabric, which is gentle on the skin. They have flat-locked side seams to prevent digging into the skin under a brace and they have top-stitched seams to minimise curling of the leg, neck and armhole openings. Furthermore, they are tag-free.



KayCey® Secret Zip Back Jumpsuits

KayCey® secret zip-back jumpsuits have similar sensory-friendly features to the popper vest range. Available in short and long sleeves and with or without tube access, these jumpsuits are ideal for bedtime. The secret double button lock secure system prevents unnecessary undressing and tapered knee length can deter wandering hands from getting to nappies/diapers. There is also extra room in the bottom area to accommodate nappies/diapers so that they are not uncomfortable.


Scratch Sleeve™ Dungarees

Scratch Sleeve™ dungarees are button-back dungarees made from woven cotton, which makes them an ideal summer outfit or useful for night times as pyjamas. They are great for children with sensory processing disorder because they are loose-fitting and made of 100% cotton jersey fabric, which ensures that your child is cool and comfortable and that sensitive skin is not irritated. If your child has wandering hands, the button-back fastening keeps them securely in place and makes it difficult for them to access their nappy/diaper.

Peejamas Nightwear for Children With Special Needs

If your child is incontinent or wets the bed, they might find wearing a nappy at night uncomfortable. Enter Peejamas – kid-friendly, eco-friendly and wallet-friendly alternatives to disposable nappies. They are created from certified fabrics that are safe for contact with your child’s skin and provide a good level of absorbency of urine to keep them comfortable while still allowing the child to feel the wet sensation.

Kes-Vir Swimwear and Period Pants For Incontinence and Special Needs


Kes-Vir offers a range of children's swimwear and period pants that are sensory-friendly and incredibly helpful. Both are perfect if your child is incontinent and does not like the feel of swim nappies. They feature adjustable leg and waist cuffs to avoid any leakage as well as easy access for children with limited movement. The period pants can be used as an alternative to swim nappies or during your child’s period. The material used is versatile, hyper-resistant, thin, breathable and soft and stretchy, which is a unique mix of muscular compression and comfort.


Waterproof / Water Resistant Bibs

Some sensory seekers chew their clothing or dribble, which can make their tops uncomfortable. Waterproof / Water Resistant bibs can help to resolve this problem as they are soft and super absorbent. We offer a range of them on our website.

Compression Vests

If your child benefits from deep pressure, then a compression vest might be beneficial for them. It can help children who fidget a lot, are impulsive, struggles to concentrate and has poor body awareness.

Seamless and Seamfree Socks

Lots of children find the seams in socks uncomfortable and irritating. Lots of stores now offer seamless socks for children who find these difficult to wear. Be aware of the difference between Seamless and Seam-Free though as seamless is woven in one piece with no joins at all whereas Seam-Free has a seam that has been adapted to make sure it lies flat.


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